Wednesday, April 6, 2011

by Christina Wilkinson of

You probably think that when you become friends with somebody on Facebook that you would be able to see their posts in your News Feed all the time. Well unfortunately that's not the case.

First of all, when you post a Status update on Facebook, can all your friends see it on their News Feeds? They should be as long as they haven’t opted to “Hide” your posts, right? And it's also possible to know who’s seeing your status updates, right?

If you think any of this is true, it's not. It's all incorrect. 

Here's how it now works:

Within the last couple of months, Facebook just recently started using a secret algorithm to decide whether or not you can maintain a News Feed relationship. If Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t like your relationship, Facebook stops delivering News Feed messages without telling you.

Like many others, I've done research trying to find out what criteria Facebook is using. Sadly I wasn't able to find anything out but I'm sure it involves the amount of times you message, post, chat, comment on or interact with each friend.

Facebook is basically editing your News Feed to improve user experience. So if you have hundreds of friends and choose not to “Hide” any of them on your News Feed; and if Facebook didn’t block any of the messages, you News Feed would be akin to driving on any of the freeways around Los Angeles. Not only would you be overwhelmed by the quantity of status' you see, but there would be a huge irrelevance of the messages you would now read.

They've obviously learned that their general public of 600 million users will stop using Facebook because many of the status updates would start feeling too much like spam. So really this is a good thing for us users right?

Well even with how good it is, it can really leave us in the dark.

Most people don’t know it's happening and if they finally figure out something isn't right, they don’t know how to fix it. Once they do fix it, they have no way of knowing what Facebook is doing to block their own updates on others walls. This means none of us knows who is seeing what.

After we've become friends with someone, Facebook quietly severs those connections without telling us. So like with any 'real' friendship, it's up to us to keep those lines of communication open with our 'real' friends. And the ugly truth is that while Facebook claims to be responding to your social activity, in reality THEY are changing how you socially interact with your friends. So they're forming how you communicate and how often. 

Now that I've told everyone about this new mystery that Facebook has created here is more information to help you out. 

Here's how to fix part of your problem: 
1. On your homepage click on "Most Recent" to the right of the Newsfeed.
2. Click on the drop down arrow next to it and select "Edit Options"
3. Select "Show Posts From" and change the setting to "All Of Your Friends and Pages"

Access to the "Edit Options" link is also available at the very bottom of the Facebook homepage on the right side. 

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Opsikom said...

thanks for the information you provide, success always for you

cw said...

Thank you for reading Opsikom.

Anonymous said...

So, I was browsing thru different fb friends posts on their pages and seeing if I could see them on the home page and if I couldn't, I assumed that they had hidden my statuses. Is that correct?

cw said...

@Anonymous..... if you hide a friend's status updates on your news feed, you can ONLY see what they post by visiting their wall or you're able to see what they post on your wall.

The only way you can't see them at all and they can't see you is if you BLOCK them. And blocking unfriends them completely.

Anonymous said...

i read dis but..i wana knw how 2 pl who hide us 4m chat n visibling 2 dem..i.e.,being frns who blocked uss??

Christina Wilkinson said...

If someone has 'blocked' you as a friend, this does 2 things:

1. It unfriends you
2. It blocks you from seeing them and their posts and vice-versa

I hope that helps.

Team Sabre

Anonymous said...

I recently noticed I couldn't see a certain persons status on my news feed but I could on their wall. So since fb has these new rules am I ever gonna get to see my friends post or is this permanent? And y did it do it to this certain person?

Christina Wilkinson said...

The easiest way now to make sure you see someone's posts is to select the "Subscribe" button on their page. This is a new feature introduced by Facebook only weeks ago.

The downside to this is that not everyone has a "Subscribe" button. Otherwise, you're still just relying on the algorithms of Facebook.

Team Sabre

Anonymous said...

how to do this setting with timeline??

Anonymous said...

What does the timeline feature mean? & by the way thanks so much for the info:) is there anyway you and I could become friends on fb?

Anonymous said...

Is there any way we could become friends on fb our through email?

cw said...

We'd love for you to become our friend on Facebook.

Our Facebook page for Sabre Design is

Team Sabre

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