Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Starbucks' new logo is equivalent to MTV cutting off the bottom of their old logo and wa la! A new logo is born.

While most designers out there will jump on the 'Starbucks' bandwagon to say how cool or hip or even cutting edge this new logo is. I can't even begin to tell you how unnecessary the new logo is if that's all they were going to do. 

And I bet the design firm that came up with this brilliant new design made thousands of dollars. 

Ahem....which company will be the next to follow suit and make change for change sake? 



Anonymous said...

starbuck's didn't do it because they thought they needed to refresh the logo. they did it because they want to expand into countries that don't read a whole lot of english, as well as sell stuff other than coffee. also i think they are jealous of companies like nike and apple who have great logos sans words.

cw said...

You're probably correct about the expansion into other countries.

Now that their logo is more recognizable, it's easier for them to just nix the words altogether.

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