Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1. “The List” of 2010 by The Washington Post 

What I find most disturbing is how it starts.

Out = Black president merchandise
In = Black princess merchandise

I’m not so sure I get their point. Then you continue to read further down and what do you know. Bacon is out; but wait a minute, bacon is in too? It just looks like a list that someone threw together to make it look like they paid attention in 2010. 


2. Best Cute Animals Lists

I’ll just say that the Best Cute Animals Lists starts off with “Polar Bears With Cones Stuck On Their Heads.” I wasn’t impressed. And if this is what the list maker sees as cute, I hope and pray others aren’t going around sticking cones on their own pet’s heads.

3. Most Expensive Artwork Sold at Auction

I consider this list to be very sad if anything. It just gives hope to a lot of really bad wanna-be artists that with enough marketing, they might be famous and rich some day by producing junk. And I’m not really sure what qualifies the Coka Cola Bottle logo as actual artwork but it’s probably the best one of the bunch. By the way, this is on Business Insiders Top 10 List for 2010. 

4. Vanity Fair Worst Top Ten Lists

I’m not sure why most of the lists on this list are even there because they’re very obscure and most people wouldn’t have seen them had it not been for Vanity Fair bringing attention to them. And aside from #6, there’s some really great information in some of these lists. So let me clarify; Vanity Fair's list is on my worthless list because they got it wrong and listed other lists as bad. 

5. John Mayer Quotes

John Mayer himself most-likely put this list up for attention. So just take it down already. And since so much is already said about the guy, I’ll stop there.

6. All of those Worst Horror Movie of 2010 Lists

Comedys, sci-fi movies and psychological thrillers are included on these lists. My advice; if you’re going to pick a topic, stick with it. 

7. Worst Dressed Bollywood Actresses of 2010

Can anyone else really tell the difference between what looks good and what doesn’t? I sure can’t. 

8. 100 Best Companies to Work for

Well let’s see, Cisco just did a huge layoff in 2009, and many more of the companies on this list have already done layoffs or are close to it. So maybe the title should read, “100 Best Companies to Work for if you want to get laid off”. 

9. The Top 10 Scary, Creepy and Just Plain Disturbing Jobs of 2010

Chances are the creepiness of these jobs hasn’t changed over the years, so why is there a list now? Just sayin’. 

10. A huge list of 2010 lists by metal bands, authors, writers, photographers & more (part 2)

Just a quick read through some of these is good reason for their lists making my list. For the record, I haven’t been able to find Part 1 and I bet they can't either. 

By Christina Wilkinson 2011


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